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Andy Townsend Is The Coach Whose offensive line helped lead West Texas A&M To The Regional Finals

In 2013, Andy Townsend’s work ethics, expertise, and passion for football became the driving forces behind the pursuit of his goal for that year – it paid off. Andy Townsend football coach met expectations by helping lead the West Texas A&M Buffaloes to the regional finals. Andy’s determination carried the team through the ups and downs of […]

Andy Townsend’s Journey To Being The Assistant To The Director Of Operations At Alliance of American Football

Andy Townsend’s passion is football, and he has built an impressive career out of it. Over the last fourteen years, Andy has coached and assisted in various prestigious football operations throughout Texas and Tennessee. In 2015, Andy Townsend was the coach of four all-conference players on the defensive line for the Lions. The players were Trevon Taylor, Kieston […]